The Texas A&M San Antonio Area Regional Center will be a dynamic urban community that provides quality education, economic opportunity, and plentiful housing options while respecting the rural character of the area. As a major educational and industrial hub for the region, this community will champion the major institutions that call it home, while supporting the growth of other technology and research industries that will be the driving force behind private investment. The community will lead the evolution of San Antonio’s Southside by incorporating innovative solutions to environmental sustainability, mobility, and public health.

Goal 1: Strongly encourage the addition of necessary infrastructure to facilitate appropriate development to the area

Goal 2: Capitalize on the projected growth of Texas A&M University - San Antonio to facilitate the addition of retail, entertainment, and service industry uses, as well as off-campus housing options.

Goal 3: Focus new development in targeted areas and along high traffic corridors, and appropriately transition from new development to rural homes, ranches, and protected natural areas in order to protect the rural character of the area.

Goal 4: Utilize natural assets, such as the Medina River and Leon Creek Greenways, as amenities to educate and to attract future residents and visitors while also linking the places where people live and work.

Goal 5: Preserve eco system services, such as mitigating storm water, to enhance biodiversity, climate change resilience, and maintain the rural character while also creating a buffer to major regional institutions.

Goal 6: In order to create a dynamic mixed-use activity center, improve the multi-modal network, expand multi-use trail and greenway connections, and attract better transit service linking the area to Downtown and other employment centers throughout the city.

Goal 7: Work cohesively with area stakeholders, to develop and attract industries that contribute to a sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and innovative economy.

What is a Vision Statement?

A vision statement describes the desired state of a place in the future. With community support, an effective vision can influence decisions and inspire action to move toward that idealized future. Goals further describe the outcomes that will support the realization of the vision. These, in turn, are supported by more specific recommendations and strategies that will implement the bigger-picture vision and goals. These strategies will involve specific proposed projects, programs, policies, and other means of achieving the community vision.

The Texas A&M - San Antonio Regional Center Vision and Goals were developed with input from residents and community stakeholders through an iterative process of developing and refining these concepts. During preliminary community engagement efforts, community members articulated important values and identified Template’s assets, challenges, and opportunities. This community input became the basis for Template’s Vision and Goals, which were refined with feedback from the Planning Team and participants at a second Community Meeting.

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