Each of the SA Tomorrow sub-area plans was developed with regular input and participation from local residents, business owners, property owners, institutional representatives, and other key partners and stakeholders. In addition, a formal Planning Team was created for each sub-area that provided more frequent, in-depth, and consistent advice and guidance throughout the planning process. The composition of the Planning Team for each area is drawn from the representatives and stakeholders described above, and varies depending on the existing uses, assets, challenges and opportunities associated with each area. The list of planning team members above does not include alternate representatives who filled in for those above when they were unable to attend meetings. The participation of alternate representatives is greatly appreciated.

Adelyn Alanis

Parks and Recreation

Mirley Balasubramanya

Texas A&M- San Antonio

Tim Bartlett

Rubix Ventures (Verano)

Kathryn Baxter

Texas A&M- San Antonio

Sara Beesley

Mitchell Lake Audubon Center

Irma Duran

Neighborhood & Housing Services Department

Ann Eaton

Economic Development

Timothy Hayes

Public Works Department

Arturo Herrera


David McKenna

Texas A&M-San Antonio

Todd Mocabee

Texas A&M San Antonio

Raul Olveda

District 4 Council Office

Thomas Roth

Rosemont at University Park (SAHA)

Thad Rutherford

Southstar Communities

Michael Thomas

Habitat SA

David Trevino

Property Owner

Christopher Villa

District 3 Council Office

Christine Vina


Carlos Guerra

Project Manager

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The SA Tomorrow Plan

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